Name: Jouissance

Members: Brian Evans and Gemma Roe

Contact: tel. 01246-556692 or eMail

Type of music played: mixture of indie pop, accoustic and folk

Favourite Artist:


What's going on?

Joiussance are a two piece band from Chesterfield Comprising of Brian Evans (guitar and stuff) and Gemma Roe (Vocals). They have been together for just about a year and have been working on their debut album "No bubbles or anything" which is something of a mixed bag of songs.The style can be roughly split into two camps, firstly a number of energetic pop songs including "Do you love me?", "Remmember me" and "Strangest Energy" amongst others, secondly the more accoustic folk styles including "feelings averted", "endless body smile" and "the ballad of Norma Jennings".Around half of the songs have currently been recorded and it is hoped the album will be finished by the spring.The band is currently looking to secure bookings. As a live act Jouissance play an accoustic set.

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