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Tony Nudd   BA (Hons) MSc AIMM

Proactive Development Coaching is the result of eight years of field work and research into organisational & behavioural change.

Tony is the founder of Proactive Development Coaching.

Tony gained his degree in Theology at Sheffield University where his main areas of interest were history, philosophy and belief & value systems. He went on to develop a career in Information Technology Management where Behavioural & Change Management and Training Methods became a major focus. Tony is a Principle Consultant with a major International Business Process Management Consultancy and an Austrlian Institute of Managers Member (AIMM)

He is primarily interested in the research of the dynamics of People-to-People interaction. Having studied the wide variety of techniques available for personal development and behavioral change (many of these techniques derive from Neuro-Linguistic Programming - NLP), Tony has distilled these down to a core number which actually work.

He is only interested in Behavioural Change (or Life Coaching) techniques which can be repeated and get results time after time. He has done the hard work of removing the chaff and finding which really get results, and through Proactive Development Coaching is able to offer these to you. There is no "over the top" fake enthusiasm, no "gun-ho" or "kick-ass" motivation speeches which leave you cold the next day. Just down to earth, informative and practical sessions incorporating methods and techniques which have worked and had results time and time again.

Emotional Intelligence is an area of more importance than usually given credit. Understanding your own Emotional Intelligence (or Emotional Quotient EQ )and being able to identify others will greatly improve your ability in leadership and team work. Emotional Intelligence and Personality Typing are powerful tools which can be of great value to all managers, team leaders and team members and business owners.

    Develop a renewed focus - use a Life Coach
Many people have dreams, desires and talents which never see the light of day. They are frustrated at work and feel lost, not really knowing where they are going. Using a Life Coach through Proactive Development Coaching will help put focus on this untapped potential, provide guidance in developing strategies through a "Life Plan" and help you achieve your goals and ambitions.

Whether you are an individual looking at gaining focus and a sense of renewed purpose via a Life Coach, or a Manager who is looking at improving communication skills and creative business techniques, a Life Coach from Proactive Development Coaching can make a difference.

Maybe you are an organisation looking at implementing a Mentor Program, Proactive Development Coaching can assist in developing a suitable Mentor Program and assessment criteria. Maybe you are a Small Business owner looking re-defining your Business Plan, possibly feeling overwhelmed at the amount of effort running a business takes, or looking for new ways to control your Buiness Processes - then you should be talking to Proactive Development Coaching abouta Business Coach Melbourne.

Take your first step on a journey of discovery. Stop delaying your decision to start, take action now, ask us the questions on your mind on the  response form.

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