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At Dominator Web Design we believe that getting information to the site visitor - quickly, efficiently and in an effective manner - is key to a succesful Web Site.

While Dominator can utilise the power of Java applets, detailed or animated graphics and the use of sound effects these all require downloading to the site visitor - which takes TIME - time is costly to the site visitor.We feel that carefully designed Web Pages which put your message across in a professional and effective manner without unacceptable download times is key to a Web Site that visitors will want to re-visit.

Careful use of CGI scripting can allow interaction with your visitor through the use of feedback forms, guestbooks and interactive catalogues. These allow 24 hour access to your organisation's services and the ability for E-mail communication which is substantially quicker than the standard postal system.

If you have any questions regarding the use of Web pages,
e-mail or the Internet generally and how it could be applied to your organisation why not use the Feedback Form, found on the "Contact Us" page, now.

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