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e-commerce (or e-business) is the term applied to business activities taking place over the Internet (World Wide Web). Dominator Web Design can offer Web Design advice, devise a corporate image and help implement suitable technology in order for your organisation to maximise the potential e-commerce can bring.

The first step - The Basic Web Page

Web Pages offering details on your organisation, products or service with contact information - address, telephone and fax numbers etc. The Web Pages may be hosted by a third party (eg ) and your internet address could look like this:'your organisation'

The cost for a basic Web Page could be as little as 45-00. Your organisation has no need to invest in any computer technology at this stage. Remember also that a Web Page can contain colour images/photographs, animation, video clips and sound samples. It could be seen as putting a colour advertisement in a multi-media magazine which is available internationally - available 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

The second step - The Interactive Web Page

The Basic Web Page can be extended to include 'Feedback Forms' which allow your prospective clients to contact you while they are visiting your Web Pages. This allows requests for more information to be made, exchange of client details, responses to the Web Page contents etc. By including a catalogue of your products or services prosepective clients can respond immediately by sending a communication to you anytime - 24 hours a day 365 days a year. The Feedback Form makes use of e-mail. E-mail allows text, data, pictures (in fact any digital information) to be sent around the world - and all for the cost of a local telephone call to the person who is sending the e-mail. Your e-mail address could be

'your organisation'

In order for you to recieve e-mail directly within your organisation you will need access to a computer connected to the Internet. A typical system may cost around 600. You will need a connection to a telephone point and an account with an Internet Service Provider (ISP). Such an account can be free, or upto 15-00 a month depending on the type of service you require. The cost each time you connect to the ISP to 'surf' the Internet or read your e-mail is usually the cost of a local telephone call.

The third step - A Domain Name

You may decide to own your own Web Site name. This would put all your Web Pages within your own specific Domain. Your Internet address would be

www.'your organisation'

The cost for this would be around 120 to cover the first two years then 50-00 per year there after. Your e-mail address could be for example:

enquiries@'your organisation'

This provides a professional feel to your Web Site and would be tied closely to your 'corporate image'.

The fourth step - Business over the Internet

Financial transactions over the Internet (using credit cards) is really a step on from credit card purchases over the phone. You provide a secure data transfer channel for credit card details to be transferred from your clients computer to yours. The application would need to be very secure and approved - Dominator Web Design can discuss your requirements and provide such an e-commerce application. Alternatively for a fully integrated service your bank can advise you on direct credit transactions to your company bank account - again an approved application would be required. E-commerce applications will provide an on-line catalogue which buyers can view, and make purchases from (using credit card payment) 24hours a day.

The steps above are only a guide (as is the pricing). For a more formal discussion about e-commerce, Web Pages, corporate image or how Internet technology may be applied to your organisation, contact Dominator Web Design.

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