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In order to move forward and move towards the changes in your life you desire, whether in your working life or private life, it is imperative you have a plan.

Develop a Life Plan At Proactive Development Coaching you will be guided through developing a personal "Life Plan".

Your unique Life Plan will be based on your personal Value System, your personal goals and your desired quality of life.

For Entrepreneurs, in order to achieve a good work/life balance, your Business Plan must also reflect your Life Plan. For those of you running a business it is so very easy to become swamped down and suffocated by your business. You become a slave to running the business rather than a master controlling the business. having a Business Plan which includes your key Life Goals will ensure your work/life balance is maintained. You should be working ON your business, not working IN your business.

Just as it would be foolish to embark on a long term trekking adventure without having a map of the terrain and some checkpoints and eventual destinations, so it is with personal development. You need to have realistic and achievable goals. Often, you may not have a real sense of purpose or really thought about where it is you want be in a the future (long term or short term). Maybe you know you need to have a Life Plan but just do not know how to go about creating one.

At Proactive Development Coaching, you will be guided through creating realistic, achievable and relevant goals for both the Short Term and Long Term through a series of modules. You will come away not only with a Life Plan, but the skills and techniques to review and alter your Life Plan as you yourself grow and change. Just as life is not static, neither should your Life Plan.

Proactive Development Coaching will change the way you think about life, how you approach life and the way you experience life as you interact with others.

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Time line


If the timeline above shows an average life span, then each dot represents a year.

The first 20 years are where we grow to adults. So really adult life only starts around 20.

Say you are 35 now, that is only 15 years of adult life - you still have about 40 years to go !!!

Say you wanted to take that degree you never had the chance to take - that would only take around 4 years. You may need to go to TAFE in order to get University entrance qualifications - that might take 3 years evening classes.

So 7 years in total is really quite achievable and not really that long in the scheme of things.

You obviously need to take into consideration finance, you may be looking after a family, you may need to hold down a job while studying. These are important, but can be part of a realistic and achievable LIFE PLAN.

At Proactive Development Coaching we will work with you to formulate realistic and achievable Life Plans which will guide you to your goals.

Proactive Development Coaching will change the way you think about life, how you approach life and the way you experience life.

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