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Your Life Plan  is something that may change as life moves on and your desires and motivations alter. However, what remains constant, and is intrinsic to you, what makes you "you", are your values.

  • Values are your measure of life.
  • Your Values are responsible for what life means to you.
  • Your Values are directly linked to your motivation in  all aspects of your life.

At Proactive Development Coaching through our Modules we will help you understand what your unique Values are, we will use techniques and exercises which will assist you in developing your personal Value System. Proactive development Coaching will not tell you what values you should have, we will help you to realise what your specific values are.

Without a Value System you will have little motivation and no real sense of purpose. Your Life Plan will be vague. By understanding your Value System you will gain a real sense of purpose and  understand your goals and be able to prioritise your life. Your Value System determines your social life, work life, family life, indeed, how other people judge you is also linked directly to your Value System and not just how you communicate.

Proactive Development Coaching will change the way you think about life, how you approach life and the way you experience life as you interact with others.

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