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A Business Coach from Proactive Development Coaching can assist you, the Entrepreneur, to channel your energies into creating your business idea, managing your team and build your network by providing you with tried and tested techniques used by some of the most successful business leaders of today.

The advantage of a Business Coach is not to have someone to give you the answers - but to get you to think about what questions you should be asking about your business (Sales, Marketing, Growth, Employees, Internal Processes) and developing ways to answer those questions and to put real and achievable goals into practice.

Running a business is NOT about continually putting fires out,
but being PROACTIVE in order that you
reduce the chances of fires ever starting.

Achieve Business Agility

A Proactive Development Business Coach can provide support and input into your Business Plan, help you take your ideas and formulate them into reality.

By teaching you strategies that will allow you to not only put your ideas down on paper, but also develop a real and achievable Business Plan.

You may be starting out from the very beginning, or you maybe re-developing your existing business.

Either way, a Proactive Development Coaching Business Coach can help you to build a strategy for your ideas and the corresponding Business Plan to implement those ideas.

Process Intelligence

The power, strength and growth of any business is it's ability to define it's
processes (e.g. taking and fulfilling orders, verifying information, data collection, stock control, customer relationship management, providing a service etc).

By identifying and establishing your business processes you will ensure a firm foundation for your business. Formulating such Process Intelligence is just another advantage of using a Proactive Business Coach. Major organisations are investing millions of dollars in their Process Intelligence because they see the comptetive advantages it gives them.

This applies equally to the sole trader and small business.

Identifying and establishing solid Business Procedures to strengthen your business does not neccessarily need the latest technology or huge investment - just some focussed common sense and a firm understanding of what is required and what is to be achieved. A Proactive Business Coach will help you to identify your business processes and teach you how to incorporate Process Management into your business.
Whether you are a plumber, cake decorator, builder, book-keeper etc good Process Management can ensure your business develops stability and can promote growth.

Do you have clarity ?
Are you focussed, managinging and growing your business
or feel swamped beacuse you are so busy working in your business ?

Emotional Intelligence (or EQ)

Emotional Intelligence is about identifying the qualities of the individuals which make up your organisation or business. Assessing the Emotional Intelligence in individuals allows appropriate assignments of tasks. Shy and introverted people do not make the best Sales people!

Although you may have a structured Orgainisational Chart, there will also be a sub-culture which is just as integral to your business. This sub-culture is made up of your employees based on who they get on with, who have common interests as each other, whose personality types match etc. Identifying these groups allows the manager to better undertand their team, how they interact and how best to motivate them.

With Emotional Intelligence comes Knowledge Management. Identifying your key Knowledge Workers with respect to the sub-culture within your organisation allows the manager to develop strategies which will maximise the output of the team.

A Proactive Development Business Coach will be able to assist the Business Owner in identifying not only the Processes of their business, but also the Emotional Intelligence (or sub-culture) and Knowledge Management streams which will allow a much greater understanding of the organisation and associated teams.

Proactive Development Coaching considers each of it's clients unique. Just as no two businesses are identical, no two people are either. Proactive will develop a strategic development framework for you. By individually tailoring relevant Modules for your specific needs Proactive will help you discover your strengths and weaknesses and assist you in your personal development and give you the tools to grow your capabilities and turn your weaknesses around. This will in turn allow you to better manage your business and balance your personal life accordingly.

Take control of Managing your business, define your Business Procedures, re-visit your Strategic Goals, re-align your key staff - regain your focus with the help of a Business Coach from Proactive Development Coaching.

Networking Tips

Take action right now, contact Proactive Development Coaching, ask us the questions on your mind, take your first step on a journey of self-discovery and real professional & personal development.

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