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The following list is just a few of the Proactive Development Modules available.

Modules may take a single session, or a number of sessions.
The Modules are listed in no particular order, and maybe interchanged.
Remember, we treat every individual uniquely, there is no strict format - you set the agenda, the lists are not exhaustive.

The modules are frameworks which provide methods and techniques which have been proven to work and get results. Each module/framework is tailored into a module specifically to meet each client's individual need.

The modules will help you develop and strengthen areas in your working and personal life, and also assist you in understanding your Value System , developing a Life Plan and improve your Communication.

Life Coaching * Business Coaching * Corporate/Executive Mentor

Start your journey towards a life you desire


Life Coaching Modules:

Life Coaching is about exploring you, who you are, what makes you, what stimulates you. Life Coaching will open you up to the real potential you have inside. Life Coaching will help you to understand yourself better, give you techniques to change your reaction to situations, and guides you to developing you own Value System . Your values are what drives you - Life Coaching does not tell you what values you should have, rather makes you aware of the values you already live by. Life Coaching will then take you on a journey of developing your own unique goals, ambitions and Life Plan - and gives you techniques and methods for achieving them.

Non-verbal communication * Peer-to-Peer Communication * Men communicating with Women * Women communicating with men * Rapport * Presentation Techniques * Resistance * Personal Values * Workplace Values * Fear of failure * Assessment * Profiling * Mission * Persuasion * Goal Orientated Growth * Self appreciation * Changing your mind * Getting to know yourself * Confidence * The other persons point of view

Business Coaching Modules:

Stop being passive, lead and take an active role Business Coaching is aimed at the professional who needs to develop strategies and goals in the workplace. The modules will provide methods and techniques which are used by the "high achievers" and "entrepreneurs". Business Coaching is about identifying your strengths and building on them, and identifying your weaknesses and giving you insight and ability to overcome them. It is not just about confidence, but communication, creativity and mental agility. Business coaching will help you to align your Business Goals with your values and ensure not only better management and growth of your business but better alignment of your business life with your personal life.

Playing the business game * Personal development * Coping with people you cannot stand * Strategy * Persuasion * Getting aggreement * The power struggle * Identifying the other persons strategy * Overcoming fear * Performance * Non-verbal communication * Alignment * Presention techniques * Leadership * Re-visiting your Business Plan

Corporate/Executive Mentor Programs:

Mentor Programs are to assist Managers within organisations to run mentor programs "in-house". The modules are aimed at the Mentor/Manager and will provide them with ideas, activities and strategies as they both manage and mentor colleagues. The Modules will help setup, run and assess in-house mentor programs and empower the manager/mentor with essential skills in order to perform to the best of their ability.

Mentor Models * Change * Resistance * Partnerships * Assessments * Awareness * Growth * Self * Effective planning * Strategies * The Organic Organisation * Goal Setting * Managing People * Alignment * Leading the Team * Reducing Conflict

Do not put your decision off, take action right now, contact Proactive Development Coaching, ask us the questions on your mind, take your first step on a journey of self-discovery and real personal development.

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